Vision Statement

“I do not believe that a person must choose one direction or dream, and follow it, rather I believe that in diversity and in open thought, one can walk along the path that will ultimately lead them to happiness. I believe that we are all composed of many desires and dreams, as we are complex individuals, and to focus on one singular hope, while denying the others, leads us to a place where we may not be completely fulfilled. My vision is to be a humble, driven, and a caring leader in, not only my careers, but in my day-to-day life as well. I want to be inspired by all those I meet, but I also want to inspire them. I want to do what makes me happy, but I also want to make people happy by the things that I do. I look toward a future where I can do both of these things, a bright future where I know I have lived with no regrets and that I can look back and discern that I have touched people, and changed them for the better. Performance and giving aid to those in need are two places my heart truly lies, and I dream about the years to come that will allow me to do both whilst changing the world around me. I want to leave positivity, hope, determination, strength, and morality behind once I have spent my life learning all I can possibly take in, and I plan to turn this vision into a reality. “


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