Academic Projects:

Experimental Psychology: Supporting the LGB Community- 

There have been a number of studies that have the focused on the way that Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual (LGB) youths feel about themselves and their communities. However, there is a lack of research on the connection between Gay-Straight Alliances (GSA) and other LGB Youth-Centers in schools effect the timing and degree of sexual identity outness in LGB youths. The present study focused on that association specifically, recruiting and collecting data from participants of all genders, ethnicities, nationalities, races, and that are 18 or older that identify as LGB. This study surveyed 125 people between the ages of 18 and 64. Participants were asked about their individual experiences in both high school and college institutions and different aspects of their path to personally and publicly accepting their individual sexualities. This was a correlational study testing the hypothesis that the presence of groups or centers in schools focused on the LGB Community were associated with LGB individuals having greater sexual identity outness that came at an earlier time. This research would be beneficial to people within the education sector of society. It would support the fight to increase LGB support through centers on university and college campuses.

Keywords: GSA, outness, sexuality, sexual identity, LGB

We the People-

Within my honors class my senior year in high school, there were roughly 30 people that made up our economics course. During our first semester however, we did little focus on strictly “learning” as we were doing much research and preparation for our We the People event. This organization is extended to all high schools within the nation as well as Washington DC and Puerto Rico. With only six people to my group, we wrote analytical pieces, dissected the constitution, all amendments, and laws passed within history so that we had a better understanding of history itself. We would then take the essays that we wrote and create them into speech presentations which we would later read allowed in front of a regional, and eventually state, panel. After our analytical piece was shared, we would be asked difficult questions that would require us to draw back on our memories for intellectual responses. Getting the opportunity to have our entire class make it to state was amazing; being so close to making nationals however was slightly bittersweet. But, all in all, this project gave me knowledge and experience that I still use to this very day.


Statistics Project-

During my senior year in high school, the honors program, which-again- consisted of roughly 30 people took part in an extremely research based project for our statistics course. Personally, I decided to poll people and see if their favorite fine art had any correlation to the major they would decide to pursue in their college career. We had to do preliminary research, primary research- which consisted of taking roughly 100 polls, a procedural report, a reflection, and an overall conclusion. This project gave me the ability to take something that I was interested and actually get real data on the subject when it came to other people within society.

Stat S2 Project (p2)

Kustomyze: Be YOUnique-

This project was done in a group of five people. Our group was given a start-up company that provides customized cellphone and tablet cases and was given the task of creating  marketing strategies that would yield a high return on investment. By taking budgets of $10, 000, $100, 000 and our main working budget of $50,000, we did over 200 surveys, creating a multitude of concepts and methods for making Kustomyze a high standing competitor within its market.

KUSTOMYZE Leave Behind 


Community Service/ Leadership:

Trick or Campbells-

This was an event that happened every year during Halloween and was organized by our school’s National Honor Society chapter. Being President for this event, I really got a better idea of the project- especially since I had been involved in years preceding my presidential term, but not quite this up close and personal. The event consisted of grouping up society members and sending them out into the community to deliever flyers. I was in charge of printing out roughly thirty different maps of the city and highlighting routes once the event kicked off. The society groups would then go to these places about a week before Halloween and leave flyers on doors informing the residents that on Halloween, any non-perishable items that they would like to donate to the less fortunate will be picked up from their door. I was in charge of organizing all of the perishable foods once they all made it to one set location and then was a part of the delivery service when it came time to donate the foods to the local homeless shelters. The project gave me an opportunity to help others that cannot help themselves while utilizing my organizational and leadership qualities as well. And, as shown in the following link, this is an event that continues to occur annually.


Day of Service-

This event is something that I hold extremely close to my heart as I was among the founding class for the service project. This project initially started out as an idea that “it would be wonderful if we could just get a day where the school does community service.” And soon after that, the idea took flight. With our school’s National Honor Society chapter leading the way, there were soon countless students that would be donating their time to bettering the community that they live in. Personally, I did a huge amount of work for this project as I was, alongside my advisor, head of the organization and all its doings. With my executive board diligently working and helping out, we all managed to supervise every group, which totaled out to be about 45 NHS general members. Working out much like a branch, each general member would then become responsible for about 50 high school students. At the time of the project’s inauguration, only the freshman class was taking a day off of school to donate time. However, we made it this was intentionally so that, as the years progress, another grade would be added on so that by the time those freshman were upon their senior year in high school, all of the 2,000 plus students were out serving their community. The event hosted a wide array of projects that included donating time at elementary schools, putting in dog water fountains near walking paths, cleaning beaches and parks, fixing the school’s track, making boxes for battered women shelters, and painting the gymnasium (and this was just a few!) The project continues to grow each year and I am beyond honored to be a major contributor to this tradition within my community.






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